Healthy People Make Healthy Leaders

The pace and magnitude of change over the past few years are without precedence. The convergence of global health, social, and political dynamics has forced businesses and organizations to be vigilant and pivot quickly under volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous conditions.

As leaders experience the impact of constant vigilance and the relentless pressure of leading others through rapid and frequent changes, they may become physically exhausted and lose mental clarity and emotional balance. If ignored, this toxic cocktail can lead to burnout. The Mayo Clinic defines burnout as — a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that also involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity.

Research has linked leaders’ wellness and resulting behaviors (in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual domains) to the wellness and engagement of the people they lead. Leaders who live well and lead well show up at their best - energized, inspired, passionate, and with their actions aligned with their positive intentions. In turn, they energize, inspire, and spark passion in others, cultivating a culture of engagement and wellness.

PPI’s Leadership Executive Wellness Retreat is a “Whole-Person” approach that invites leaders to explore their current state of well-being and its impact on their leadership effectiveness. We guide leaders through a process for refocusing and re-aligning their intentions and attention and their leadership thinking and behaviors with how they want to show up for themselves and others and develop sustainable practices that will transform them and their teams.

Join us in this tranquil and serene environment by consciously stepping away from the busyness, stress, and noise in your work and personal life to reflect, think, and learn strategies for removing barriers to your personal wellness and leadership effectiveness.

After this experience, leaders should be able to


Gain clarity about what’s important and prioritize them over low-impact activities.



 Create a healthy work environment for yourself and your team



Foster innovation while setting boundaries that support individual and collective psychological safety and well-being.


Reinvigorate yourself and support others in doing the same.


Re-engage (situations, relationships, assignments, etc.) in a different way with a newly discovered perspective.

What You Will Experience

Day 1 June 12th

  • Consciously transition from business, stress, and noise in your work and personal life and begin the process of transforming yourself

  • Meet and greet other leaders, facilitators, and coaches

  • Familiarize yourself with the environment  

Day 2 June 13th

  • Engage in an individualized wellness activity
  •  Assess your well-being and identify areas for improvement
  •  Identify factors that affect your wellness at work and in your personal life
  •  Slow things down by stepping back from challenging or stressful situations, projects, tasks, etc. 
  • Engage in intentional reflection to gain new insights and perspectives that will support your well-being and success
  •  Participate in an executive coaching café with other leaders to provide and receive feedback 
  • Create an individual wellness plan to help manage stress and increase your effectiveness as a leader

Day 3 June 14th

  • Engage in an individualized wellness activity 
  • Regain clarity on what’s important to you as a person and a leader 
  • Reprioritize personal and leadership goals to support personal and business priorities 
  • Gain strategies for managing your environment to reduce stress, uncertainty, and burnout 
  • Participate in an executive coaching café with other leaders to provide and receive feedback

Day 4 June 15th

  • Engage in an individualized wellness activity 
  • Identify activities that energize you 
  • Create an individual wellness plan that balances your needs as a person and a leader
  •  Draft a team wellness plan to be shared and finalized with your team 
  • Participate in an executive coaching café with other leaders to provide and receive feedback

Day 5 June 16th

  • Return home refocused and reenergized


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Each Room Includes

1 queen or king bed, outdoor space and private entrance, A/C, Wi-Fi, mini fridge, ceiling fan, coffee maker, digital safe.

What’s Included

  • Leadership and Executive Wellness sessions
  • Workbooks and individual and team wellness planning resources
  • Hotel Room
  • Three meals per day
  • Transportation to/from Montego Bay airport
  • Yoga/Meditation
  • Group excursion
Garden View
Single Occupancy $3,465/ per person 
*Double Occupancy $2,810/ per person
Ocean View
Single Occupancy $3,565/ per person 
**Double Occupancy  $2,860/ per person
Oceanfront Bungalow Without Rooftop Terrace
Single Occupancy $3,810/ per person 
**Double Occupancy  $2,980/ per person
Oceanfront With Rooftop Terrace
Single Occupancy $4,050/ per person 
**Double Occupancy  $3,100/ per person

*Limited double occupancy for Garden View rooms.

**Please contact us at 703-647-6575 if you wish to book double occupancy for this room category.

Facilitators ‘ Bios

Khalid Asad, MS, PCC

Khalid is a highly experienced leadership consultant who is passionate about helping leaders show up at their best. He is a proponent of whole-person leadership who believes healthy people make healthy leaders. Khalid is an ICF-Certified coach who partners with government, nonprofit and corporate leaders to help them clarify their desired journey and support them in creating roadmaps for reaching their destination.

Khalid’s background is in organizational development and business psychology, and his approach to coaching leaders is rooted in adult cognitive development- helping them make sense of their complex environment, manage their emotions, show up at their best, make decisions, and build and sustain healthy relationships. Khalid’s extensive experience in building leadership capacity and facilitating organizational change has been instrumental in helping teams and organizations strengthen their culture, positively impact their clients/customers, and achieve business results.

Some of the organizations that have benefitted from partnering with him include the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, the City of Philadelphia Department of Human Services, the City of Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services (DBHIDS), Prince William County Virginia Government, National Science Foundation, American Psychological Association (APA), Villanova University, and Casey Family Programs.